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Beauty Tips For Summer Brides

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  • Posted: Sep 03, 2020

Beauty Tips For Summer Brides

Skin Care:-


Give your skin a touch of nature in this Summer
To make your skin glowing and healthy follow
Ctm rule daily .
Cleansing,toning & moisturizing .
Cleans your skin with raw milk.
For toning apply cucumber juice.
And mositurize your face with fresh aloe vera pulp .
Never use very harsh or chemical based products. Daily scrubbing is not neccessary and recommended to any skin type .

Hair Care:- 


Always protect your hair with excessive heat or sunrays .
Curd is the best option for the hair conditioning .
Make a paste with boiled potato and residue water of cottage cheese. Best remedy for fine lines and wrinkles .
Used green tea bags is good for dull n dehydrated skin.
Olive oul + coffee powder mix it and use it as a face pack gives natural shine to your face .

Jewellery forms a very important part of the overall attire of an indian brude. So before you decide to pick out your jewellery ,you need to take advice from your makeup aritst for the perfect makeover.